Dear Hava,


I wanted to thank you for the help and support with the divorce agreement. 

You played an important role in one of the most complicated and difficult times I have been through.

Your abilities helped both of us to reach an agreement which we would never have got to alone.


After I eagerly read the book you wrote, it is clear to me that you are continuing in the footsteps of 

your father, and are working in a difficult and complex field – your personal abilities contribute to 

your professional success, as well as to the couples you work with.


I want to thank you personally for giving me strength to take the path I had chosen, and for helping 

me to see how important it was to be flexible and make crucial compromises, which allowed us to 

get closure on our separation and divorce.


I wish you continued professional success, and may you help many more families and couples to 

separate in a respectful and civilised manner.


Thank you

Dear Hava,


I would like to express my deep appreciation to you, for the professional and dedicated service you 

gave to our family. Child welfare is your motto in life – carry on and succeed.


With deepest appreciation, Y.P.

For Attorney Hava Klein


We thank you from deep within our hearts for the dedicated and professional service that you gave 

us at the Taf Adoption Agency.


You heard our story and you connected with it on the most personal level. Throughout the long and 

difficult process we went through and that you came through with us, you gave us the feeling that 

you were an inextricable part of our process, and with your help we succeeded.


You are a brave and strong woman, motivated by peace and justice, entirely professional, 

uncompromisingly dedicated, and you treat every detail of the work you do so well in good faith.


In our story there is a child, there are children, and when there are children you become their 

‘mother’ and treat every matter concerning them in a personal and heartfelt way, represent them in 

an unparalleled way, and live and breathe the case. 


Over and above your professionalism, you are warm and loving person, and your humanity is 

expressed on so many levels that it is as touching as it is powerful.

We will not forget your dedicated and loyal team, who gave us unlimited solutions and services, even outside of office hours, and for that we thank you very much.


You cared for us with nothing in return, and all because you believe with your whole being that there 

is only one truth.


And to finish, we had the honour and pleasure of getting to know someone like you and such a 



Love and appreciation,

Binyamin and Avital Klinger

For Attorney Hava Klein – Thank you letter!!


“Out of my straits I called upon the LORD; He answered me with great enlargement.”

(Psalms 118, 5)

I want to thank you with all my heart and my soul for the important help you  gave me when I was in 

a dark place and dire straits… and couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks to your help, my children and I have now managed to leave the dark tunnel and begin a new 


Even today after the divorce, when questions come up and I need clarification, you are always 

available and always give me answers and help…

I very much appreciate this, and the significance of this help, when I have three children to bring up, 

is enormous!!

“He who does good deeds will receive good deeds, and whoever does many will receive many”

On behalf of my children and myself, thank you very much!!! And good luck!!!



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