Did you decide to get a divorce?

The other side decided to divorce?

Take responsibility for the process!

And come to a conscious, responsible and proper procedure!

For the benefit of your children and for your benefit!

Let's do this through a conscious process, in mediation where you partner and understand the legal situation, perfecting risks and agreeing on an overall agreement that will maximize the best for your children and you.

My office has a professional, focused, well-structured mediation process with experienced, experienced economists, care professionals and lawyers.

The amounts of alimony can be estimated quite clearly in advance.

The property distribution process is also expected in advance.

Custody and evidence - if you do not agree, we will arrange a psychologist to advise you!

This will also happen within a legal process!

It will only take so long! So why spend huge sums and fight mentally and financially when the results are clear in advance?

Don't let the judges decide you!

Take responsibility for yourself and come to consent to a mediation process and a conscious, responsible and mature divorce agreement for your children and for you! You are also the ones who will live with the decisions you have made.

My office staff and I represent divorce cases every day, and we all know that the main victims of divorce proceedings are your children!  

So what for?   There is a better way to get divorced, more correct, a way to protect your rights, to wrap your children and you in all the right tools and aids around the divorce, until you build a new, normal, high-quality routine.

I invite you to take responsibility for yourself and pave a responsible way for divorce, a way that you will in a controlled way improve the new post-divorce path and allow you to live with and rehabilitate your life, I am here to assist you, through mediators (all of whom are family law lawyers), Certified Lawyers An account that works with us, an adult financial adviser and psychologist / child and any professional you need, a professional and discreet team that will be available to each family, according to their needs, to assist you in your courageous decision, take charge of the process and get the divorce right.

Hava Klein, Adv

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